Genuine Parts and Accessories

Genuine Parts and Accessories

Owner Services

Visit us to find out about our new and improved offer for servicing your DS, great value for money and great piece of mind.

DS Genuine Parts

spare-partsDS is committed to maintaining your original confidence, we have designed and built your DS and we are well positioned to help you to keep of all its original qualities.

A result of DS expertise, the Genuine Parts are
designed to meet the technical specifications of your DS. They are part of a complex technical package to allow you to ride with confidence.


DS accessories


Quality, safety and customization: DS provides you with a range of accessories to enhance your enjoyment and usability.

Safety: Theft detection and prevention systems

Hiking & Transportation: We offer original tow hooks, awning rails and bike carrier.

Details and prices will be provided by the sales consultants in the showroom – DS STORE HERZLIYA